Tuesday 17 May 2022

AnexMiner: A bright and efficient future of mining!

 The AnexMiner is the best and most efficient Ethereum miner ever created!

AnexMiner ET7
AnexMiner ET7

The AnexMiner, the most important change in Ethereum mining, has been revealed and will be available to the market shortly. Setting up a profitable mining rig has never been easier, and this one is extremely profitable. A staggering 6000MH/s at 3200 Watts with an efficiency of 0.52/M. To convert those calculations into cash, you'd be mining around 27 ETH coins each year for around $120 per month at a cost of 0.11 cents per watt. Of course, the cost of electricity varies depending on where you reside and if you use renewable energy sources.

Another intriguing note is that if you had the same hashing power with a GPU system, you would consume 9 times the amount of electricity. A single AnexMiner ET7 is the equivalent of 70 RTX 3080 graphics cards, which not only take up much more space but also consume over $900 more power than the specialized miner!

Many amazing predictions have been made, but one thing is certain: the price of ETH will climb in the long run. Some cryptocurrency experts predict that the price will reach $180,000 in the next 10 to 7 years! This is not an exaggeration, but a lot of businesses and developers working on top of the ETH app have grown year after year, indirectly adding value and usefulness to the ecosystem. To be honest, given what lies ahead, this ridiculous price does not appear to be too far-fetched!

AnexMiner ET7

The Merge is going to come, but not now!

Many people are discouraged from going into mining when they hear about the impending "Merge," which will transform ETH from proof of work to proof of stake, making it impossible to mine ever again. True, it will happen, but not in the next two years! Not to mention that when the system does arrive, mining and staking will coexist for a while until proof of stake genuinely takes over and leaves mining obsolete!

This gives us plenty of time to make the most of our AnexMiner! That would be over a year's worth of mining, allowing us to mine approximately 70 tokens or more in that period! This is surely plenty enough time for the miner to return their initial investment, and don't forget that we can always mine classical eth and other tokens!

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